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Question bank for Grades 1-10 to help you revise better and score more

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IsEqualTo Score More

Launching with CBSE and ICSE

Other Boards coming soon

IsEqualTo Score More


Mark a question as 'Know Well', 'Know Little', 'Don't Know' to revise later

IsEqualTo Score More Feature
IsEqualTo Score More

Extensive Subject and Chapter coverage

Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Civics, Geography

IsEqualTo Score More

Hints with every answer

For better understanding and recall

Easily mark questions for quick revision

Students can mark each question as 'Know Well', 'Don't Know' and 'Know Little'.

They can later easily access a particular group ('Know Well', 'Don't Know' and 'Know Little') for any chapter in any subject.

This helps them to:

  1. focus on what they need to revise, instead of having to go over everything
  2. target and improve weak areas
IsEqualTo Score More
IsEqualTo Score More

Track progress

Get immediate progress on two important points: how much of the syllabus you have covered, and what you need to revise

This will guide you on what you need to achieve every day.

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