Open Job Positions

We’re looking for illustrators who can bring our ideas to life. They should be able to both utilise available resources as well as quickly create their own assets. Should be able to create storyboards and have the imagination to create something new.
  • Must be proficient in a vector graphics editor (Illustrator, CorelDRAW)
  • Should have a degree in design or fine arts
  • 2+ years experience
We’re looking for animators who can breathe life into and create engaging videos. Be able to do basic sketches and storyboarding, and have an overall idea of all the steps in the video-making process.
  • Must be proficient in animation software (Animate / After Effects)
  • Should have a degree in design or fine arts
  • 2+ years experience
We’re looking for people who are subject matter experts in their chosen fields. They should be able to explain complex concepts in an easy way to even a 6 year old!
  • SME's in the following subjects for grades 9-12: English (Language & Literature), History & Civics (Political Science), Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Minimum Master's degree in your subject (MSc), either completed or ongoing
  • Teaching experience is preferable, but not mandatory
  • Must have basic knowledge of using document editors (like MS word) and be able to use the internet
  • 1-2 years experience preferable
We're looking for someone with great ideas, who loves reading, and has fabulous writing skills to lead this content. They should be able to work with graphic designers to ensure content gets posted on a daily basis!
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree required (any field). Degree in journalism or mass communication preferable.
  • Must read a lot - in your application, please mention top 3 favourite books
  • 1-2 years writing experience preferable