IsEqualTo is a Unified Learning Platform for students, parents, teachers and institutions.

Education has aspirations of uplifting the mind, of creating a better society, a better life for everyone. Unfortunately, education has become a marks-oriented activity, with a focus on quantity rather than quality.

Standardized testing relies on recall ability, rather than testing whether a true foundation has been established. Students resort to memorization to achieve a “good grade” , without being clear in their fundamental concepts.

Curriculum has been compartmentalized into different silos known as “subjects”, failing to show students the interdisciplinary nature of learning. Real life isn’t compartmentalized into such boxes, nor should learning.

The cost of education keeps rising, without a corresponding increase in the quality.

IsEqualTo’s aspiration is to break this trend and drive the transformation towards a holistic educational system, where the focus is on what the student learns and how are they able to apply that information, rather than how much information they are able to assimilate and regurgitate.

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